Regional Entries

To help streamline the regional entry and payment process, Region 7 will be using Meet Maker this year. Instead of going through a State Committee Member, each club will be responsible for registering and making payment on their regional qualifiers.

If you have any issues or questions about the process, please contact your appropriate State Committee Representative.

Meet Maker Information Sheet for Entering into the Region 7 Level 8 Regional Meet

2016 Declaration Form

I have provided the necessary file for declarations this year. Declarations are due February 15th.

After receiving lots of different information last year, I am asking everyone to use the provided format so I can quickly check qualifying scores and get age groups established for states. With states early this year, Flipstarz and the WV Committee is going to have to work quickly to get everything setup.

2016 Declaration Form


Adam Bowman

2016 SACC Call for Nominations

All nominees must be:

Professional Members of the Women’s Program at least 21 years old and in good standing for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to the nomination.

A member in good standing is defined as a person who has complied with all aspects of the program as outlined in the Rules and Policies. Special circumstances involving residency criteria for any State or Regional Chairman position can be petitioned to the Regional Administrative Committee (RAC), in consultation with the National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC), if necessary. Prior to being placed on the ballot, all nominees must sign a document that verifies that they have read and understand the duties and responsibilities of the office for which they have been nominated and submit their resumes to the appropriate USA Gymnastics officer.  Current elected officers seeking re-election must be compliant with all their duties and responsibilities.



  1. Must have been active within that State’s program for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the candidates have
  3. financial skills,
  4. organizational skills,
  5. communication skills,
  6. a working knowledge of the program,
  7. a willingness to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position.
    (See Duties and Responsibilities – Operating Code)
  1. State Administrative Committee Chairmen (SACC) shall be elected by the Professional members of the Women’s Program in their respective states.
  2. They shall serve for two (2) years and be elected in the spring on even- numbered years.
  3. Elections to be completed by April 15th. Term of office to begin July 1st.
  4. Election Procedure
  5. Regional Administrative Committee Chairmen (RACC) shall solicit nominations from the regional Professional membership through the regional newsletters and websites.
  6. All nominees who are eligible candidates for each office will be placed on the online ballot.
  7. A call for nominations must be published and/or posted online for a minimum of one month prior to the submission deadline of no later than March 1.
  8. The following statement will be placed on the USA Gymnastics national website and emailed to all Women’s Professional Members who have current email addresses.  Each Region and State should post it on their web-sites so that the Professional members are aware of the voting procedures and their responsibilities to ensure that their vote will be counted.
  • Elections will be conducted online at from April 1 – April 15.  In order to ensure that their vote can be counted, each Professional Members should make sure of each of the following:
  1. That their address is current (specifically the State)
  2. That they know their personal User ID
  3. That they know their password
  4. That their Professional membership, safety certification and background check must be fully processed and current.
  • If you have any questions regarding your voting privileges, please call USA Gymnastics Member Services – 1-800-345-4719.
  1. Each RACC must verify that the nominee meets the criteria for nomination, has agreed to run, understands the job requirements and has submitted a brief résumé/statement of purpose (no more than 300 words.) Endorsements should not be included.  Any incumbent should not use non-public email or mailing labels for campaigning.
  2. Each RACC electronically sends to the Women’s Jr. Olympic Program Director the name, city and state and the résumé of each candidate in a Microsoft Word document no later than March 15th.
  3. The official Slate of Nominees for each state will be posted on the USA Gymnastics website to begin voting by April 1st.  The voting will be concluded on April 15th.
  4. The State Administrative Chairman (SACC) shall be elected by majority (1 over 50%) of the votes cast.
  5. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a run-off election will be held between the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes. The run-off election will allow all Professional members who were current by March 31 to vote.  The Women’s Jr. Olympic Program Director will work with the individual RACC on the procedures for online run-off elections.
  6. In the case of a tie in the run-off election or in an election with only two candidates, the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC) of the respective state will vote to break the tie.
  7. Write-in votes will not be allowed.
  8. If only one nomination for state office is received, the RACC of that respective state will cast one (1) vote and the nominee will be elected by acclamation. This information is also to be sent to the Women’s Jr. Olympic Program Director by March 15.
  9. The week after April 15th the RACC’s will receive their respective region’s election results by email, including the actual vote counts in the event that any of the candidate wants to know this information.  The RACC’s will notify all of the candidates of the election results.
  10. After all elections are concluded, a complete list of the State Administrative Chairmen will be published at
  11. The Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC) shall send a copy of the verified vote count to each candidate in each respective election, upon request of the candidate.

2016 State Chair Nomination Form

Vault Clarification

Level 8 Vault Questions

Is a coach allowed to ask for and receive the average of the first vault at Level 8?

Coaches can ALWAYS ask for the score of the first vault at ANY level. Many times it’s an issue of protecting a slightly injured athlete from doing another vault if the first vault score is adequate and acceptable. Sometimes the gymnast plans to perform two different vaults and the coach wants to know the score of each to determine which was the counting vault. For Level 8’s, it’s essential that the coach knows the score of the first vault to assist in their decision to have the gymnast try a second vault or not.

Please explain the 1.00 deduction for the coach spotting (assisting) during the post-flight for Level 8? Is there ever a time that we would void a Level 8 vault, in regards to the spotting deduction?

If a Level 8 (or any optional gymnast for that matter) is spotted in pre-flight or support phase, the vault is Void.

Since Level 8 is the first level at which salto vaults can be performed, the JO and Technical Committees decided to add a 1.00 deduction for spotting in the post-flight to encourage coaches to not be reluctant to “bump” the salto in order for the athlete to complete more of the BA rotation. While the intent was to keep the athletes safer on flipping vaults, it is also applicable to any vault performed by Level 8’s.

If the gymnast is spotted not only in the post-flight, but also during the landing phase, the spotting assistance on the landing phase deduction of 0.50 will also be applied for a total of 1.50.