Lynn Perrott served as the Region 7 Regional Administrative Chair from 1997-2014. Her first joy was working with the athletes in our region, and she worked to support their participation in the sport at all levels. She took pride in watching our athletes reaching their goals in the sport of gymnastics and continuing their gymnastics careers in college. Lynn had a positive outlook on life, even in the face of her illness. She will be remembered by her sense of humor and smile that she shared with the athletes, coaches and judges in Region 7. Lynn’s background in gymnastics began in dance, and she had a great appreciation for artistry expressed by our athletes. Lynn’s husband, Richard Martin, was active with reviewing scholarship processes and applications. He and Lynn both shared a passion for the sport of gymnastics. Sadly, Richard passed away last summer, however his daughters will continue to stay involved with the scholarship program. It is a fitting tribute to both Lynn and Richard to offer a Memorial Scholarship that will assist an athlete to continue to pursue her academic goals in college, and athletic goals in gymnastics.

The 2021 Lynn Perrott Memorial Scholarship will be offered in the amount of $5,000. to an eligible candidate that best fits the criteria offered by Lynn’s family and the Region 7 Administrative Committee.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

• Level 8-10 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics gymnast from Region 7-currently competing in the Womens Development (formerly Junior Olympic) program

• Graduating Senior

• Plans to attend college

• Has not received a scholarship for gymnastics Interested candidates must submit the attached application, resume and essay, with 2 letters of recommendation (one must be from the athlete’s coach or coaches).

Applications and supporting documents may be emailed to Linda Johnson, USAG-WDPCC at Please put LPMS-Last Name in the subject line. All documents must be sent as attachments. Please try to submit all attachments in one email. Letters of recommendation should be on letterhead.  

Application Deadline:  April 15, 2021


The attached form has been approved by legal, and is ready to be sent out to Women’s Program membership.  This form is intended for any high school aged athlete (grad year 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) that is interested in college gymnastics.  Below is the timeline for this project:

4/10: Form due back to

4/15: NCAA tab on website live with athletes listed

Once the form is received back to me (no later than April 10th), athlete names will be added to the list for the website as well as passed onto my NCAA contact.  Once the webpage is set-up and live, I anticipate it to look similar to the current National Team webpage.  There will be a hyperlink attached to each athlete’s name that will take you to their online bio, which is why it is so important that these be filled out.  Athletes will be able to enter in any  social media webpages specific to them (personal webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).  These will prove helpful to recruiters, as they will still be able to see any videos of routines or skills that have been uploaded.

Note: athletes MUST update/fill out their online bios on  Directions on how to do this are listed on the form, but should also be communicated again in your message. 

So here we go!  I am excited to be able to facilitate this process for our athletes!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out, should you have any questions for me.



Class of 2020

On the night these girls would have competed in their senior session of the WV State Meet, the State would like to recognize them. Girls, this is an unusual time, and we would have loved to have watched you tonight. However, we know you are all headed down bright paths and wish you good luck in your future.


You never leave a place where your are loved. You always leave a piece of you behind.
The “Maverick Family” loves you both and will miss you with every fiber of our being. May your life be as a “Rose” full of beauty and grandeur with a few thorns to make it interesting.


I have enjoyed the hours and the years you have spent training with all of us at Maverick. Your beautiful, bright smile and leadership will continue to bring happiness to everyone you touch as it has your Maverick family. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Love, Your “Maverick family”


It has been an honor having you train at Maverick. Your leadership and gracious manner will be missed. Thank you for being part of our lives, and being a great example to the younger athletes. Your tireless work to achieve success has meant so much to your Maverick sisters!




The Mountain Magic coaching staff would like to congratulate you on a very successful senior year following surgery in early fall. Your commitment and determination overcame obstacles this year as in the past displaying your talent and will to succeed. We are proud of all your accomplishments and leadership in the face of hard times and adversity. You have helped pave the way for our future team members and from all of us, we want to wish you the best of everything in your college days ahead at Fairmont State University!

Thank you for your contribution and continued success… go Emily and go Falcons!!

Coach Gary and staff



To Madison:

I wish I could put into words just how essential your presence alone is in the gym. Your perseverance, work ethic, and determination never goes unseen. The fact that you have never given up and worked through so much adversity says so much about you. Your leadership will be missed along with your contagious smile and humble, caring personality. Your Flipstarz family wants to wish you the best of luck at Fairmont State. We cannot wait to follow you on your next journey. All of your coaches are so proud of you and we know you will continue to have a positive impact on all of your teammates; past, present, and future. You have changed the lives of others just by simply being in theirs. We will miss you and love you so much!
Your Flipstarz Coaches and Teammates

As my niece, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to fall in love with the sport all over again. I will cherish every memory and will never take a moment for granted. I’ll be forever grateful for the time I was able to spend with you in and out of the gym. I am so excited for you to experience collegiate athletics. I know you will succeed at anything and everything the future throws at you. I’m so proud of you!
Love you!

USAG Cancels All Events

Because of recent events, USA Gymnastics has made the following decision:
“USAG has decided to extend the event and meet sanction moratorium for eight weeks, through at least May 10. This restriction means that all sanctioned meets and events, including state and regional championships that were to occur during that time, will be canceled. Additionally, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Men’s Artistic JO Nationals and the 2020 Women’s Artistic JO Nationals.”

With this announcement, the 2020 WV State Meeting and all following regional and national meets are cancelled. Flipstarz has not deposited any state meet entry checks and are planning on shredding them unless a gym specifically requests for them to be returned. 

If there are any other questions, please let me know. Thanks.

Adam Bowman

A message from our RACC

Hello Region 7,
In light of the recent development regarding the announcement from USA Gymnastics cancelling sanctions through the end of March (this is across all disciplines) we wanted to touch base with you to let you know we will be discussing options for rescheduling State meets that do not have qualification implications.  We are in the process of scheduling a meeting to discuss the logistics of how athletes will qualify to the Level 8, 9 and 10 Regional meets now that there will not be a State meet.  This has been a very trying time for all of us and we are doing our best to make decisions that fit all aspects of the dynamics this situation presents.  Please know, as always, the participation in any of these events is your choice.  
Our current action plan consist of the following:
1.  I will be having daily/weekly conference calls with USA Gymnastics officials and all Regional Chairs to continue to discussing the future of Easterns/Westerns and JO Nationals,  as well as to update them on our Regional meet qualification processes as they develop.  In the event that April sanctions are also cancelled we will also being discussing plans to determine qualification to these National level competitions.  
2.  I will also be holding daily/weekly conference calls with all SACC’s and Regional personal to discuss the logistics of the rescheduling State meets where possible.   
At this point, the plan is to move forward with the Regional meets until we are told we can not move forward either by the venue, the meet hosts or any higher power that can shut us down.  

We are aware of the complexity of the situation, we are attempting to be proactive in managing and decision making as we move forward.  Keep in mind this is an evolving situation, no one knows the extent to which this will affect our meets going forward.  That said, rest assured we will do our best to organize the competitions within our States and Regions as best we can.  Please give us some time to develop a plan and we will inform you of those plans as frequently and quickly possible.  We appreciate your patience, your flexibility and please remember to wash your hands 🙂
Visit your Regional website (information regarding Regional meets will always go here 1st), State websites, Region 7 facebook page and all other social media available within your State for updates as well.
Jennifer Bortz. Region 7RACC

Sessions for States

This is the session breakdown for States. Specific times and Bronze split will be sent out soon.


  • Session 1 – Level Silver – Tentative 3:30 pm check in


  • Session 2 – Level 4/5 – 8 am open stretch
  • Session 3 – Level 6/7
  • Session 4 – Level Platinum/Diamon
  • Session 5 – Level 8/9/10


  • Session 6 – Level Gold – 8 am open stretch
  • Session 7 – Level 2/3/Bronze
  • Session 8 – Level Bronze