U.S. Classic 2017

You can watch Konnor McClain, from Revolution Gymnastics, compete at the U.S. Classic on July 29th by watching U.S. Classic live coverage page or USA Gymnastics on YouTube.  The live streaming junior competition will start at 2 p.m. ET.

The senior division will be broadcast on The Olympic Channel from 8-10 p.m. ET.  You can also view the coverage at OlympicChannel.com.

You can also watch the Hopes Championship on Friday, July 28th starting at 3:30pm.  On either the U.S. Classic live coverage page or USA Gymnastics on YouTube.

Code of Points Revised (Xcel and J.O.)

The J.O. Compulsory & Optional, and Xcel Code of Points replacement pages have been posted on USAGym.

The Xcel Code of Points replacement pages can be accessed by by clicking  here.  Then click on Xcel Code of Points Revised Pages (posted 7/21/17).  

The J.O. Optionals Code of Points replacement pages can be found by clicking here.  Then click on Revised Pages (posted 7/26/17).  

The J.O. Compulsory Code of Points replacement pages can be viewed here.  Then click on Revised Pages (posted 7/26/17). 

You can also view the 2013-2021 JO Compulsory & Optional Flip Book replacement pages here.

State Clinic 2017

Our state clinic is set for September 30th and October 1st 2017.   Gymnasts in levels 4-10 and Xcel Silver – Xcel Diamond are invited to come.  If you are interested in hosting the state clinic please fill out State Clinic Bid Form.  All bids must be submitted by August 1st, 2017.

If you have any question in regards to the state clinic or the bid form, please contact our WV State Clinic Coordinator, Gene Diaz.

New Mobility Scores

USAGym has changed the mobility scores for the J.O. Program effective August 1st. 2017.  If a gymnast has met their necessary score previous to this date they will be grandfathered in.  The new mobility scores are:

– Level 4 to 5 – 34 AA
– Level 5 to 6/7 – 32 AA
– Level 6 to 7 – 32 AA
– Level 7 to 8 – 32 AA
– Level 8 to 9 – 34 AA
– Level 9 to 10 – 34 AA

Attn. Meet Directors

Please remember to submit judges requests to Alison as soon as possible.  Make sure to include the meet, location, and days.  Along with the information, don’t forget to mail the assigning fee ($3/judge) to:  WV NAWGJ, 1146 Shawnee Drive, Buckhannon, WV 26201

Make sure on your request you include your need for judges from other states if necessary.  Although their availability is not guaranteed, Alison will contact their SJD.  Since we rely on our neighboring states, it is imperative we follow all the proper steps.    Most states have already started their assigning process, so it is important this information is submitted as soon as possible to get it on the calendar and start finding judges.

In addition, please take the time to read over the R&P when it is released for new changes.

Congratulations Konnor

Congratulations to Konnor McClain, from Revolution Gymnastics, for her accomplishments during July Woman’s National Team Camp.   She placed in the top three for physical abilities testing.  She was also interviewed by Triple Twist Gym Blog this month, which can be viewed at  http://tripletwistgym.blogspot.com/2017/07/quick-chat-with-konnor-mcclain.html

Good Luck to her as she competes next weekend at the U.S. Classic in Chicago!