State Clinic 2018

The WV State Clinic will be take place October 13th-14th this year.  It will be held at WVGTC in Morgantown, WV.  There is a $25 per gymnast registration fee that is to be made payable to WVUSAG.  Please only send in one check per gym. There has been a registration set up on USAGym.  Registration and money are both due by September 21, 2018, as well as a roster to WVGTC.

This event is for levels 3 – 10 and Xcel Silver – Platinum.  Gymnasts and coaches must be current members and we highly recommend that gymnasts be able to do a kip to attend.


Level 9 and 10 Regionals Updates

The following information is now available on the Region 7 website at:
1.  Updated meet schedule reflecting the changes to the number of athletes in each age division/session.  NO time or sessions changes were made at this time, only updates to numbers of athletes.
2  Updated rosters reflecting all scratches to date.  Please review one more time for accuracy.
3.  The starting event draw for each level.  Please note:  although it is not likely, this is subject to change.

Good Luck to Level 9 and 10 Athletes

Good Luck this weekend to the following gymnasts competing at the Level 9 and 10 Regional meet!

Level 9

Taylor Openlander – FlipStarz
Miah Allen – Gymniks
Camryn Irvin – Gymniks
Maddie Lankford – Gymniks
Hannah Allen-Boone -Maverick
Savana Pringle – Maverick
Keira Smith – Maverick
Lily Thaxton – Maverick
Lily Hamilton – Mountain Magic
Madison Satterfield – Mountain Magic
Cara Flanery – Revolution
Elle Godby – Revolution
Kaylie Bokey – WVGTC G-Force
Ava Miranov – WVGTC G-Force

Level 10

Megan Miles – Bozhi’s Gym Nest
Carlee Nelson – Gymniks


Best wishes and safe travels to all going!

Good luck level 8s

Good luck to the following level 8 gymnasts competing this weekend at Regionals! Best wishes and safe travels to all that will be going.

Emerson VanScoy – Amp Athletics
Olivia Spence – Amp Athletics*
Alyssa Benton – Bozhi’s Gym Nest
Eva Reed – Bozhi’s Gym Nest*
Destiny Satterlee – Flip N Cheer
Josie Ingersoll – Flip N Cheer*
Lilian Hatfield – FlipStarz
Kaelyn Long – FlipStarz*
Kailynn Walker – Gymniks*
Isabella Woods – Gymniks*
Sierra Mackey – Gymniks*
Cali Way – Gymniks
Jaclyn Geyer – Maverick
Sarah Moscufo – Mountain Magic
Kendall Huber – Mountain Magic
Jennette Kleeb – WVGTC
Sophia Balko – WVGTC*


*- denotes gymnasts representing West Virginia on the State Team

Level 9 and 10 Regional Rosters

Below are the level 9 and 10 Regional Meet rosters.  Please review and make sure there are no issues with with the age division, IES designation, or anything else with their athlete(s).  All corrections are hoping to be taken care of before the final schedule is posted.

Please try to email any changes within the next 24 hours to: &