Linda Burnette- Good

We would like to extend our condolences to the WVU family for the loss of an amazing person and coach. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. After reading many articles and seeing all the social media posts, it’s is so obvious she touched so many lives. May she rest in peace.

Xcel Regional Information including a Silver Spectator

Please read the entirety of this email as it has A LOT of information!!

You asked for it! We delivered!  

We are super excited to be hosting our first annual Region 7 Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire Xcel Championship competition.  

Please use the Region 7 website as your first hand source for the most up to date information

Region 7 Website

Below you will find 2 items.  

1. The meet packet for the Regional competition. 


2. The meet packet for a Silver Spectacular invitational that is running in conjunction with the official Championship competition. Bring your silver athletes along for an invitational so they can see the excitement of a true Regional competition. 



New as of 3/29/23**  

The Region 7 Committee voted to lower the qualifying score to the Regional meet for the pilot SAPPHIRE division only.  

The SAPPHIRE division ONLY – qualifying score FROM the State meet to the Regional meet is a 33.00AA. This also means they can use a prequalification score of 34.00AA. Please reach out to Jen Skorski, RXCC at, if you have any questions on this.

**Pay attention when registering. There is a national INVITATIONAL the weekend after our official USA Gymnastics Region 7 Championship meet….so be careful when navigating the registration to ensure you are signing up for the 1st ever Xcel Regional Championships. Direct registration links to this competition (and the Silver spectacular invitational) are located on the Region 7 website under “meets”.

We are super excited for this Xcel Championships!  We hope you are too! Please reach out to Jen Skorski, RXCC if you have any additional questions.

Go Region 7!

Jennifer Bortz

Region 7RACC 

cell: 814-380-1195

***Attention- Update for Level 8***

Attention Region 7! IMPORTANT

The Region 7 Committee voted to lower the 2023 Level 8 Regional Championship qualifying score from a 35.00AA obtained at the state meet to a 34.00AA.

Please note – that means the petitioning score is now a 35.00AA.

To be clear: For the 2023 season all Level 8 athletes who score a 34.00AA or higher at their State meet will be qualified to Regionals.

State Meet Schedule with level breakdown

Friday March 24th
9:00 AM Xcel Bronze whose birthday is on or after 2/25/2015

12:00 PM Xcel Bronze whose birthday is on or before 1/21/2015 and ALL Level 2’s

3:00 PM Xcel Gold

Saturday March 25th
8:00 AM Levels 4/5, Xcel Platinum

12:00 PM Levels 6/7

3:30 PM Levels 8/9/10, Xcel Diamond/Sapphire

Sunday March 26th

9:00 AM Xcel Silvers whose birthday is on or after 2/14/2013

12:00 PM Xcel Silvers whose birthday is on or before 1/29/2013 and ALL Level 3’s

Schedule For State Meet

Below is the general schedule for the 2023 WV State Meet. As soon as all details have been worked out, a communication will go out to coaches to let them know what sessions their athletes compete in if their level is split.

Friday, March 24

9 a.m. – Xcel Bronze

12 p.m. – Xcel Bronze/Level 2

3 p.m. – Xcel Gold

Saturday, March 25

8 a.m. – Levels 4/5/Xcel Platinum

12 p.m. – Levels 6/7

3:30 p.m. – Levels 8/9/10/Xcel Diamond/Xcel Sapphire

Sunday, March 26

9 a.m. – Xcel Silver

12 p.m. – Xcel Silver/ Level 3