Judging Information

WV is looking to increase the number of judges we have. This is a great way to stay involved with the sport if you are a parent, retired coach, gymnast or someone that is simply interested in the sport.

Information on Becoming a Judge

WV Judges Apprenticeship
Finding new and motivated judges in WV has been a big challenge over the past decade or more. One major issue is that judges that are lower rated do not get contracted for larger meets. The reason being that added cost of mileage and hotels for hosts. Normally, if a judge is not at least level 9 rated, they will be passed over for someone that can fulfill the requirement for an entire weekend. Without lower rated judges getting experience or contract opportunities, often they get frustrated and leave the program.

To help resolve this problem, the WV Gymnastics Committee has partnered with WVNAWGJ to design a program to give new, lower rated judges experience while also allowing them to be paid without extra cost to an event host. The WV Committee has agreed to cover the costs of judges to practice at in state competition with some stipulations.

The WV Judging Apprenticeship Program is comprised of the following:

  • Judges will be paid their rated USAGym hourly wage for their rating and below
    • Sessions above their rating will be on a volunteer basis
    • Limited to two years per rating
  • No lodging will be provided
  • $25 gas card will be provided in place of mileage
  • No more than one extra judge per event
  • Apprentice Judging will not take place at State Meets
  • Apprentice Judges will not be assigned to a meet less than two weeks before the event
  • Xcel exclusive sessions are not eligible