Changes to Regional Qualifications for Level 9/10

For the 2022 season: 
Level 9’s and 10’s can pre-qualify to the Level 9/10 Regional meet with a 35.00 AA scored at any USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition during the 2021/2022 season PROVIDED they register for and participate in their state meet. WITHOUT PETITIONING. 
**Please note:
1. Each state will provide specific details on the procedures. Please be patient while we finalize these details. We anticipate having it finalized very soon. 
2. Petitions will still be allowed for those athletes who are injured during the season and do not have a 35.00 at another competition OR who cannot participate in their State Meet. 
3. This DOES NOT apply to qualification to the Level 8 Regional Competition. Level 8 Regional qualification will still come from the State Meet or petitioning. 

Good Luck

Good luck to our level 9/10 gymnasts and coaches who will be competing at Easterns/Nationals this weekend! West Virginia is cheering you on!!

Bozhi’s – Allie Call and Eva Reed

Revolution- Abby Rice

FlipStarz – Taylor Openlande

Gymniks – Carlee Nelson

Live stream link and online apparel order form

1. Region 7 Level 9/10 Regional Championships live stream:
Attached is the link to the Region 7 website where you will find access to the Live Streaming tickets sales.

2.  Region 7 apparel order form:

Deadline for orders is April 20. 2021 for processing and to deliver in time for you to have them for Easterns/Nationals.

**Please note:  Level 10 athletes (only) who qualify to DP Nationals will receive a similar sweatshirt to the ladies style shown here as part of their apparel package.

WV State Meet Session Times and Bronze Breakdown

2021 WV State Gymnastics Schedule




Open Stretch – 5:00 PM

March In – 5:30 PM

Awards – 8:30 PM


Xcel Gold 

Open Stretch – 8:00 AM

March In – 8:30 AM 

Awards – 11:45 AM

Levels 4/5

Open Stretch – 11:30 AM

March In – Noon 

Awards – 2:30

Levels 6/7 

Open Stretch – 2:30 PM

March In – 3:00 PM 

Awards – 6:15 PM

Level 8/9/10 

Open Stretch – 6:00 PM

March In – 6:30 PM

Awards – 9:45 PM


Xcel Platinum/Diamond

Open Stretch – 9:00 AM

March In – 9:30 AM

Awards – Noon

Levels 2/3/Bronze 

Open Stretch – Noon

March In – 12:30 PM 

Awards 2:30 PM

Xcel Bronze

 Open Stretch – 2:30 PM

March In – 3:00 PM

Awards – 4:45 PM

Listed below are the Xcel Bronze athletes who willcompete in session 7 with Levels 2/3. 

  • Saydi McCormick SEGC
  • Nevaeh Taylor MGAL
  • Raschella MGA
  • Madeline Wilson AMP
  • Daisy Simmons Tumble Time
  • Elizabeth Dale Tumble Time
  • Amelia Grace Sammons WVGTC
  • Kelsie Hill Tumble Time
  • Annaliese Miller Tumble Time
  • Amilia Price SEGC
  • Hannah Tredway AMP
  • Adalie Annon WVGTC
  • Jadyn Hose WVGTC
  • Jacie Eggleston SEGC
  • Addison Riffle MGA
  • Briahna Ramey AMP

Regional Schedule and Roster for L9 and L10

Attached is the session schedule for the Level 9 regional championship competition.  I am also including the updated athlete roster.  
If you have any changes (scratches, missing information, etc.) please reply to both Rex and I with the changes ASAP.

Jennifer BortzRegion 7RACC  cell:  814-380-1195