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2018 Lynn Perrott Memorial Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Lynn Perrott Memorial Scholarship.  Eligibility criteria include:
~Currently competing in the Womens Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Junior Olympic Program (Level 8-10)
~Graduating Senior
~Plans to attend college
~Has not received a gymnastics scholarship
Eligible candidates can find the application information and review process in the attached document.  Applications (with resume and essay) and references should be mailed to Linda Johnson, RJOCC.
The application deadline is April 13, 2018.

Beautiful and Comforting Message

Dear Friends, Lynn passed comfortably and peacefully at home yesterday evening surrounded by family.

I would like to thank you for your support, love, prayers and thoughts that you have offered over this journey.

Lynn wanted you all to know this was not a fight; this was a dance, a dance with life.
Lynn lived in love, care, and compassion of others as she moved through all aspects of her life.
If you stop to feel, she is still here offering these qualities to all of us.

Blessings to you all throughout the coming holidays. May this be your best holiday ever,


In lieu of flowers, the family would like contributions to be made to a memorial scholarship in Lynn’s honor. Details to follow.

Stretch Across the Region

Holiday Cheers! Many people have asked how we can help Lynn and her family. We have created a great campaign for you to send your support called “Stretch Across the Region-Support for Lynn!”. We’re hoping we can send Lynn and her family a gift of our support to help them spend as much time with Lynn into and over the holidays, and help defray some of their costs relating to Lynn’s extended illness. We will, undoubtedly, also be sending Lynn some great entertainment that will bring a smile, and distract her from her daily challenges!

It is easy to participate!

Send us a photo of you or your club members in “Lynn’s split” (or your best attempt!!). Recruit athletes, class kids, coaches, judges, families, alumni—anyone who wants to participate! Photos should be sent to Myra Elfenbein at or Linda Johnson at so we can post them on our Facebook and Web page for Lynn to see!

Have each participant in (or attempting) a split donate $1.00 (you can certainly donate more if you like) and send your checks payable to “Region 7” with “Lynn” in the subject line. Checks should be sent to Donna Guenther, SAC-PA. All proceeds will go to Lynn and her family!

We are Region 7 Strong! When we reach 7,000 participants, or $7,000. (whichever comes first) Region 7 will match with a donation of $7,000!

We hope to reach our goal before Christmas! Start stretching!!! Send in those pics!!!

Thanks so much for your help and support, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday!

Linda J., on behalf of the Region 7 Administrative Committee

Lynn Update

Many people have been asking about Lynn, so I thought I would put out a quick update. Lynn has been home from the hospital for about a week straight. Today she completed her 2nd of 6 cycle of chemo. Needless to say, it is a challenging regimen. The first 2 cycles took longer than expected due to medical complications that crept in along the way.

Keep fingers crossed that she will be able to recuperate the next couple of weeks complication free. Things are much better for her when she is home!

Lynn does get your emails, cards and pictures, and your support has been an extraordinary and touching gift. She has really enjoyed hearing from you and the kids! Please continue sending her your caring messages, pictures and stories (and jokes!)—this really lifts her spirits and helps her cope with daily challenges. I’m so thankful for the amazing, caring community that we share, and for the strength and support we extend to each other. I wish you all the best during the holidays and for the New Year!

Linda J

Lynn Perrott – Update

I know there hasn’t been an update sent out in a few days, but that has been because we have had no new information to disperse. Lynn spent the weekend at home. She had some uninterrupted sleep, got to eat on command, and watch some TV programs of choice on a large screen. Throughout the day on Sunday she started to feel worse and worse, and more and more tired. So sleeping and resting took up most of her day(s).

Monday morning, we called to find out what we should do and, a little before noon, we took her back in. In the slow manner to which we have become accustomed, we did not find out until today what course her treatment would take. Lynn had another paracentesis today, and they removed 1.2L today. After the procedure, she was able to eat a whole half of a sandwich!

We also received news that she should start chemo tomorrow – not the originally planned regimen, but one that we are still waiting on the details for.

Hopefully, there will not be a cause to postpone again.


Lynn Perrott

Once again I am writing you to share an update on Lynn Perrott. Lynn (very) recently began experiencing abdominal discomfort and bloating, and was admitted to the hospital yesterday. The medical team found cancer cells in her peritoneal cavity, and are proposing an intensive in-hospital course of chemotherapy beginning as soon as possible. As you can imagine, this is a very stressful time for Lynn and her family.

Lynn is such a strong woman, as we have known for years, and as she displayed last year as she recovered from her surgery, infection and chemo. We will stay united and Region 7 Strong to support her through this new challenge. Please keep Lynn and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Lynn mentioned to me several times this year how comforting and supportive your thoughts were while she courageously rallied back from her surgery last fall and underwent subsequent chemotherapy. I have no doubt that she will feel lifted and supported from hearing from you. Feel free to send cards and thoughts her way. I will keep you updated as I know more.

Thank you all for your support and understanding during this time.

Best, Linda J.