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Congratulations to our Regional Participants!

Qualified to JO Nationals
Nacaida Kearns – Gymniks
Elena Lawson – Gymniks – alternate
Megan Miles – Bohzi’s Gymnest

Level 10
Sydney Chapman – Gymniks – 6th BB

Nacaida Kearns – Gymniks – 5th VT
Nacaida Kearns – Gymniks – 6th UB
Nacaida Kearns – Gymniks – 7th BB
Nacaida Kearns – Gymniks – 1st FX
Nacaida Kearns – Gymniks – 3rd AA

Elena Lawson – Gymniks – 7th VT
Elena Lawson – Gymniks – 4th BB

Megan Miles – Bohzi’s – 7th UB
Megan Miles – Bohzi’s – 5th BB
Megan Miles – Bohzi’s – 5th FX
Megan Miles – Bohzi’s – 7th AA

Lilja Olafsdottir – Bohzi’s

Level 9
Cara Flanery – Revolution

Abbie Lieving – Revolution – 2nd BB

Carlee Nelson – Gymniks – 7th UB

Sarah White – Mountain Magic – 4th BB

Level 8
Miah Allen – Gymniks
Madison Argabrite – FlipStarz
Emily Brock – Mountain Magic
Alejandra Ditchen – Maverick
Madison Higgins – Revolution
Camryn Irvin – Gymniks
Maddie Lankford – Gymniks
Taylor Openlander – FlipStarz
Joy Pauley – Maverick
Olivia Spence – AMP
Sophie Talkington – Mountain Magic
Annmarie Uhl – Gymniks
Kaelin Withrow – Maverick

Congratulations Abby and Konnor!

On May 8th, Abby and Konnor participated at the Level 9 Eastern National Championships, which consists of the top gymnasts east of the Mississippi River.

Abby Naegele from Bozhi’s Gym Nest in Huntington, WV placed 1st on vault and floor and 6th all around.

Konnor McClain from Revolution Gymnastics in Cross Lanes, WV placed 1st on beam and 2nd on floor.

Congratulations WV gymnasts and keep up the hard work!

WV Level 9 Regional Placings

Congratulations to our WV gymnasts that participated at regionals.

Level 8

Carlee Nelson – Gymniks
– 9th Place Floor

Level 9

Cara Flanery – Revolution
– 7th Place Vault

Abbie Lieving – Revolution
– 2nd Place Vault
– 2nd Plave Floor

Konnor McClain – Revolution
– 1st Place Beam
– 2nd Place Bars
– 4th Place Vault
– 2nd Place All Around

Megan Miles – Bozhi’s
– 1st Place Vault
– 6th Place Floor
– 10th Place All around

Abby Naegele – Bozhi’s
– 1st Place Vault
– 1st Place Beam
– 10th Place Floor
– 1st Place All Around

Savanna Reggi – Revolution
– 4th Place Vault
– 7th Place Floor

Konnor McClain and Abby Naegele will be participating at Level 9 Eastern Championships near Orlando, FL.

Level 10

Elena Lawson – Gymniks
– 5th Place Floor

Sydney Chapman – Gymniks
– 8th Place Beam

Congratulations Regional Participants

Level 8

Annamarie Coughenour
Joanna Finley

Bozhis Gym Nest
Danika Spencer

Flip N Cheer
Lauren Zaglifa

Taylor Openlander
Madison Tabor

Gymniks Gymnastics
Carlee Nelson
Camryn Irvin

Maverick Gymnastics Club
Savanna Mullins
Alejandra Ditchen

Mountain Magic
Frances Kitzmiller
Sophia DelGreco
Madison Satterfield
Madeline Snyder

Revolution Gymnastics
Parker Anderson

Level 9

Bozhis Gym Nest
Abby Naegele
Megan Miles
Megan Boone

Revolution Gymnastics
Konnor McClain
Abigail Lieving
Cara Flanery
Savanna Reggi

Level 10

Gymniks Gymnastics
Sydney Chapman
Nacaida Kearns
Elena Lawson

Revolution Gymnastics
Alexa Johnson

Congratulations Seniors!

Congratulations seniors, Taylor Broadwater from Gymniks Gymnastics and Alexa Johnson from Revolution Gymnastics, for receiving Acro scholarships!

Taylor will be receiving a scholarship from Glenville State College and competiting on their Acro team.

Alexa will be receiving a scholarship from Fairmont State University and competiting on their Acro team.

We are proud of your accomplishments and we look forward to supporting both of you during your college careers!